Why is the ark of Noah the logo of Ark Media  ?

The purpose of the ark of Noah was to prevent the creation of God from being destroyed for ever through the flood. The people on Earth were so evil that they had to be extinguished before it was too late, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, so that he and his family were saved. It is the same with baptism. Through it we get everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ. We identify ourselves with his death and resurrection as we are buried with him in the baptism. We are not saved by the baptism itself, but the baptism is a public testimony that we believe in Jesus and want to follow him and come to heaven. The Bible tells everything we need to know about this.

The purpose of Ark Media is the same: To protect God`s creation ( You, my reader ) from having your life destroyed by the deception of this world, from everlasting perdition, to become a parttaker in the grace of God, which is everlasting life in the new heaven and on the new Earth. Jesus has built a mansion in The New Jerusalem, for you that believe and receive.