Next to me here is my friend Arthur Blessitt. He is from Mississippi.

This cross that he has on his shoulder, he has carried through all the nations and island groups in the world.

He started on December 25th 1969, when he was 29 years old, and completed in Zanzibar off of the coast of Tanzania, on June 13, 2008.

On 27th October 2019 he became 79 years old !  He is now a pastor in Denver, Colorado,
and still carrying the cross.

He visited us in Namsos in August 2001.  I was honoured to arrange his meetings
here, and carried the cross with him to Skage.

He once walked all the way from Mexico City to Bogota in Colombia.  He crossed the
Darien jungle in Panama all alone.  He walked among sawblade - weed and poisenous
snakes for several weeks. The whole walk took him five years.  And he had a place in
Guinness` book of Records.

But in 45 years, he has put behind him more than 41 thousand miles ! That`s an average
of 1466 km. per year, and altogether 65969 km !

He does this to preach the good news about Jesus Christ, which for him ( and for me )
is the most important thing in life.

You can read reports and see pictures from all the places where he has been on
his own website, Read about his walk in the Darien Jungle under
"Inspiration" and "online books" the book " Arthur - A Pilgrim," chapter 2. 
The link is at the left of the picture.

OBS !  Gener8xion Entertainment has made a remarcable, awsome documentary
movie about his life.  It has been shown in cinemas all over USA. You can order it
from or overseas,  You may also watch it on
YouTube. It is called "The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt story".
Arthur Blessitt