Do you know Jesus ?  Does He know you ?
Jesus was filled with The Holy Spirit when John the baptist baptized him, so that he could do the miracles.
Jesus had death anxiety in the Getsemane garden, because he was  to be separated from God his Father on the cross, as punishment for the sins of the world !

Recently I have become extra reminded that God loves me.

Do you know Jesus ? I mean - Do you know Him personally ?  Have you seen that He took your sins upon Himself when He got death anxiety and sweated blood in the Getsemane garden  ?  Even though he knew that he was going to be raised to life again on the third day.

Have you ever felt how good it is to go to communion and be connected to the body of Christ on Earth, and at the same time get cleansed in His blood ?

Or do you believe that you still have to carry your sins yourself - only Jesus carries them with you, as long as you just confess all your sins every day ? Do you believe that you were baptized and confirmed to carry sins with Jesus ?

If being a Christian is like that, I understand very well why so few want to be religious. Cause then we really have burdens to carry that weigh us down into the dirt, and we
miss out of life !   But fortunately we don`t have to make the gospel that religious and difficult.

Have you heard the voice of God as Jesus was baptized: ”You are my Son, the beloved. With you, I am well pleased.”  Have you seen that God loves
you the same way ?  ( John 17; 23 )

Good things happen to those that realize that God loves them.

Pastor Joseph Prince in Singapore had a two year old daughter, Jessica. She had a virus.