Jesus is coming soon
Above: Radical born again - experience on the Namsen bridge in March 1983.
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We will all die one day, they say.  What is then the meaning of life?  Are we going to end up in hell, where their worms do not die and the fire is never quenched ?  Jesus described hell as a place like that. The eternal fire, which has been made ready for the devil and his angels. And in the Revelation of John the apostle, hell is described as a lake of fire, burning with brimstone ( sulphur ) Have you ever smelled floating sulphur burning ? It is a terrible smell that tears up your nose !

God forbid !  The purpose for your life is heaven - but what is heaven ? Are we just going to sit on a pink cloud and dangle our legs ? Some people who mock, have put it that way.

But heaven is
a concrete place. A city called the New Jerusalem, is the capitol of heaven.  It measures twelve thousand furlongs. One furlong is 185 meters, so it is 2220 km in each direction. Its lenght, breadth and height is the same, so it`s actually like a cube, according to the vision that the apostle John saw.  ( Revelation 21 )

It is built out of pure gold, and it is surrounded by a wall made of gemstones. The wall has twelve gates, three towards north, three towards south, three towards east, and tree towards west. Each gate is made by one big pearl, and the gates are named after the twelve tribes of Israel.  I wish to enter through the eastern gate, if I may choose, because I have my best friends in the Philippines.

A missionary to China called Asbjørn Aavik, said the same about his Chinese friends.

What is
inside the gates ? Beautiful mansions and gardens that Jesus and the angles have made ready for all God`s children.  ( It is not for nothing that Jesus
was a carpenter.
) You may try to imagine it, but the human fantasy has it`s limits.
In there, we will see God and His throne, and beautiful angels, and meet Jesus
and our loved ones, among other things.
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