"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

( Genesis 12 ; 3 )
Passover 2015
Eleven days in Israel ( 2nd trip )
Walking in Ein Gedi, Masada and Zin Valley....
At the West wall
This passover became my best holiday ever ! I am in debt to the Jews for my spiritual, mental and physical health !  Because - The Jews have given us Jesus and the word of God. My medicine comes from Israel, and I got massage and a bath in a hot spring, and in the Dead Sea, that softened my back and cleansed me from a skin eruption that I`ve had on my shoulders for the last few months.

Together with forty others I visited the beautiful church on the Mount of Beatitudes and the beach where Jesus appeared to his disciples after he rose from the dead, and served them fish.

We went to an old ruin village called Gamla - The name comes from the word camel, because it is located on a rock that is shaped like a camel`s hunch. A great tragedy took place there in A.D. 67.

We were at the beautiful baptismal site Yardenit, where one of us was baptised. And we were in Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus asked his disciples: "Who do you say that I am ?"

We were in Haifa and talked with three holocaust survivers, among them was one lady who survived dr. Josef Mengele in Auschwitz. An inconceivable story of suffering. They still bear traumas after the terrible abuse.

We were at the Mount of Olives, where Jesus will return just like he left. We were in Getsemane and the Garden Tomb, and we prayed at the West Wall. We were in Ein Gedi in the Negev desert, walking in king David`s footprints, and we were on Masada, and enjoyed the view. We visited Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum, and in the evening, we went into the streets of Jerusalem and enjoyed the passover peace.

The last three nights, we stayed  in a bedouin village that has been built by a Jew who is an artist and an architect. The purpose with the village was to teach children about bedouin lifestyle and let them climb on Masada and learn Jewish history as well. But it has developed into a great hotel resort.

The second last day, we got to ride on dromedarys - camels with one hunch. And the last day we were shown around in Zin Valley, by the leading bird expert in Israel, Meidad Goren. He taught us about vultures and birds of passage, of which many have Israel as their most important gas station.  A video from the trip can be found by clicking here.

This was my second trip to Israel since the feast of Tabernacles
in 2006.