Visiting Mozambique :

In September / October 2012 I had the honour of visiting Claudia Bernhardt in Mozambique, a missionary from Germany that I have read newsletters from since 1993. That was so exciting ! !

I went with her to visit hospitals, prisons, orphans and streetkids, meetings in several churches, youth meetings, showing a Jesusfilm that has been dubbed to hundreds of local languages, and churchplanting in rural areas.

In addition to that I got to experience Gorongosa National reserve, and saw a lot of wild boars, baboons, antilopes and impalas, elephants, a couple of tropical birds with big beaks and an eagle. There were also lions there, but we did not see them because they move only in the afternoon and we went in the morning, but it was six great, exciting morning hours !  

Here, you can watch two videos from the trip. One 8 minutes version, and one
56 minutes version that contains a lot of cool music, among other things.
Visiting Mozambique