Fifth trip to the Philippines !

In 2004 I went to the Philippines with a friend to make a dvd about an evangelistic campaign in two villages. That gave me a better taste of the Philippines, so I went back the year after, and in 2007 and in 2014.

My fifth trip to the Philippines lasted from 16th of March to 17th of May 2017, that is nine weeks.  I participated in eighteen radio programs, and the response was good. I was invited to help selling rice.  To the left, in the middle, we see Ronald, who lifts 150 kg. of rice on his head.

I was guest speaker and singer in many church services, many places, also on a primary school, and there was a lot of good music and a strong presence of The Holy Spirit.  Pastor Lorenzo and his church emphasize what it means that we are saved by grace, through faith, and it was a great inspiration for me to share testimonies about that in this context.

After all, the most important knowledge in the world is the knowledge about how to be saved and come to heaven.

During passover, the church had an exciting retreat to the village of Mahagnao in the Burauen district.  There, we went canooing and bathing in the lake in the valley in front of a volcano.  On maundy Thursday evening, we had a good time sharing the word of God.

One of the highlights was the youth camp "Unity in Diversity, attended by approximately 110 young delegates from the islands of Biliran and Leyte. The youths in Well of the Messiah, Atipolo, Naval had worked energeticly with the preparations for many weeks.  By the time it was over, both the staff and the delegates began to look forward to next time.

I have made a couple of videos from the trip, that you can find here :
Short version (  2 minutes, 45 seconds  ) Long version  (  62 minutes  )

There was also some unforgettable leasure adventures.  A great, refreshing swimmingpool in Marinor, Capiñahan, was good when there was a burnout and the fans didn`t work.  A soaking wet boattrip in a sackayan to the historical Limasawa island at southern Leyte, and an adventurous day in the family park Picnic Grove in Tagaytay, Luzon, was also part of the trip.