My travels
Street meeting in St.Teth, Cornwall
Dramateam in Mexico
Crosswalk from Lillehammer to Amsterdam

When I was little, I often travelled to Sweden and Denmark and the Dovre mountains with my parents. That gave me a better taste for travelling.

In 1982, when I was at the age of 17, I went to Oslo and participated on the summer of service with Youth With A Mission. We sang a lot of worship and sold books for children at Bogstad camping . That was nice. I  didn`t have money for that trip, but as I trusted God for it, I got the money in time.

I had discovered that as you follow Jesus, you can trust God as your Father. And I had made that decision at the age of 15. I wanted to follow Jesus and get to heaven no matter what the cost.

Since then, Jesus has taken me for adventures, twice in Kolding, Denmark, twice in Cornwall, England, twice in London, once in Mexico, crosswalk from Lillehammer to Amsterdam, and from St. Bees to Whitby in England, studied at Art Foundations 2 at the University of the Nations ( Youth With A Mission ) on Hawaii, five trips to the Philippines, two trips to Israel, and one trip to Mozambique .

Five summers ( 2008 - 2016 ) I have also had some wonderful bicycletrips, to Brønnøysund, Sunndalsøra, Røyrvik and Gäddede, Sweden.  You can watch much of this on my video pages.

I`ve had film and video as a hobby since I was little and I also got some education on that area. I worked for one year at Evangeliesenteret TV in Oslo, but I prefer to continue with it as a hobby. I also work as a bathing guard at Oasen Environment-and Swimming Center in Namsos and I like that.

Everything has not always been easy, but you can read the exciting story about how I decided to follow Jesus and how he helped me when I needed it the most, under the menu button "transformed." From there, you can turn pages and read further.

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